Look Out, Barbie, There's a New Doll in Town


liv-dollsThe toy company Spin Master, which hit the big time making high-tech boys’ toys, is now trying their luck with toys for girls. The Toronto-based company hopes their Liv dolls, which aim to be more realistic than Barbie dolls (an admittedly modest goal), will bring an end to the half-century reign of the world’s most popular doll.

The four Liv dolls, which are being marketed to girls aged 6 to 10 for $19 a piece, all come with their own life story and character traits. And, in a quaint nod to self-esteem, each of the dolls comes with her own personal physical imperfection. (If you can find one in any of these dolls, please let me know!)

Judging from this photo, I found it ironic that the designer has specifically worked hard to make the lips look real, “not collagen-injected.” He says he spent months examining photos of his girlfriend to make sure he gave the Liv dolls true-to-life mouths. Perhaps his girlfriend is Angelina Jolie?

Photo: Jezebel