Looking for Disney Trip Advice? Ask a Mom, a Dad or en Español!

The Disney Mom's Panel with Mickey

I love Disneyland. So much so that when friends, relatives or acquaintances are planning a trip to Disneyland they come to me for advice. But not everyone has me on speed dial, so for those of you who need some very user friendly, factual and real advice about the “Happiest Place on Earth,” from fellow parents, the Disney Moms Panel is there to help…

The Disney Moms Panel has been around since 2008 and for 2012 they’ve made some big advances. First, it’s not all moms. They’ve invited a dad perspective with the addition of Ari Krell. Also new is the Mom’s Panel en Español, so Spanish speakers can obtain information in their own language.  But one of the big things, especially for those on the West Coast, is the coverage of Disneyland (in the past the Disney Moms Panel focused solely on Disney World).

Whether you’re wondering when you should go, where you should stay or if the refrigerators at Port Orleans Riverside in Walt Disney World has a separate freezer section (yes some questions are very detailed) this panel of moms (and a dad) are there to help. If you have questions or just need some advice, check out the Disney Mom’s Panel right here.

Photo: Walt Disney Company

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