Love, Peace and '69: Woodstock For Kids


maxsaidyesWhen I asked Abigail Yasgur how she could write a book about Woodstock for kids, she laughed.

“We left [sex and drugs] out. We’re parents, we know parents have to make that decision for themselves,” said the author of a kids book published just as the world gets ready to celebrate forty years since peace, love and rock and roll took over on a muddy field in upstate New York.

Max Said Yes is the work of the second cousin of Max Yasgur, the farmer who opened up his alfalfa fields to what would would be the concert of the century. Marked by trippy illustrations in bright eye-catching colors, the story is simple: the power of yes. But coupled with an appendix that outlines what really happened there on that field (skipping the sex and drugs, natch), it’s a story that introduces a whole new generation to the Aquarian Age.

Written in rhyme, it’s catchy enough to keep even younger tots involved, but the appendix will apply to kids closer to seven or eight. And, yes, they’ve managed the impossible – to share the story of Woodstock with kids, in a totally kid-appropriate way.

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