Low-income Families Can't Access Childcare Without Diapers

Diaper Act
Sign the petition supporting the Diaper Act, and help low-income families.

Low-income families often can’t afford the cost of diapers. At the same time, the free or subsidized childcare programs they utilize require that they must supply their own diapers. If they can’t afford the diapers required to send their children to childcare, their children can’t go, which means they can’t work, which means they’ll never be able to afford diapers.

Help a Mother Out, a nonprofit organization focused on supporting moms in need, wants to change that. This week is Diaper Action Week, during which they are promoting the Diaper Act. Have you heard of it? The Diaper Act is a federal bill that would give child care centers the flexibility to supply diapers themselves to needy parents whose children attend their facilities.

Diapers are covered neither by WIC nor SNAP, the food stamp program. Yet parents need approximately $100 worth of diapers each month for their babies. As described by proponents, “The [Diaper] Act seeks to amend the Child Care and Development Block Grant Act of 1990 in one simple way: by permitting local agencies who receive funds to determine if they want to use some of the Block Grant funds they currently receive to purchase diapers for qualified families. The DIAPER Act does not require additional funds.” The Diaper Act would apply to both disposable and cloth diapers.

Help A Mother Out is asking for your help by signing a petition supporting the Diaper Act. Help families who need it be able to access childcare regardless of whether they can afford diapers.