Mad Men, Advice Books for Babies, and More


United States Army National Guard Sgt. Michelle Johnson saved a young, pregnant, Afghani girl’s life on Christmas Day 2008, and it was that moment that changed her life forever. Read her story, then visit the Afghanistan Midwifery Project, which works to donate necessary medical supplies to women’s clinics in Afghanistan. — Glamour

Book store shelves are lined with advice books for parents. But what about advice books for babies? In a funny, tongue-in-cheek post at the Good Men Project, they argue that babies need help dealing with “crazy” parents.

As the childhood obesity rate climbs, a new question is being asked: Is severe childhood obesity an issue of neglect? If a child needs to lose weight and doesn’t, should child protective services step in. What do you think? — The Stir

The Nap Nanny recall and recent crib recalls today makes this a good time to brush up on crib safety. Did you ever use a Nap Nanny?

Mad Men is back with last night’s premiere, and LilSugar is asking the question: Who’s the better parent, Don or Betty Draper? Betty, says LilSugar, is the primary caretaker, but Don seems more comfortable with the kids.

Photo: jinglejammer, Flickr

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