Mad Mom Rides Horse to School to Pick Up Daughter


happy_horse_smilingThe pick up lane line at our school scares me.  No, let me rephrase that — the pick up line diagram at our school scares me.  Which is probably why we walk to school six months out of the year.  The other three, I drop off out front where there are few parking spots, but where no one needs a diagram to figure the whole thing out.

A Jacksonville, Florida mom was so put off by her school’s pick-up policy that reportedly left parents sitting in line for one to two hours she decided to ride her horse to school and pick up her daughter  instead.  School authorities were not pleased.

Deidre (no last name given) admits that she was really just trying to make a point.  In fact, she’d parked her horse trailer just a few blocks away.  But she says that the long wait isn’t just annoying, it’s expensive.  “I don’t have the funds in my budget to sit in lines for an hour to two and a half hours to wait for my daughter,” she said in an interview with a local news station.

Though Deidre had also saddled a horse for her daughter, school principal Jaime Johnson refused to let the 8-year-old go with her mother.  “Our first priority is the safety of our children, and during our arrival/dismissal, their safety is first and foremost a priority on campus,” Johnson said.  The principal would not to let go of the child’s hand, and police were called to usher Deidre and her horses away.

Deidre’s daughter was driven home and, according to new reports, left alone while her mother loaded up her horses.  Even though Deidre wasn’t allowed to pick up her daughter, I think her point was made, loud and clear:  Rethink your pick-up policy.  No one should have to wait an hour after school to pick up their kids.

Do you think that Jaime Johnson overreacted?  Should Deidre have been able to take her daughter home?  And what about Deidre’s actions — were they over the top?