Maggie Goes on A Diet - New Children's Book has Parents Talking



The book hasn’t even been officially released yet, but author Paul Kramer is finding himself in the middle of a contorvesy he apparently didn’t expect.  His soon-to-hit-the shelves children’s book, “Maggie Goes on a Diet” has many parents furious.

Filled with bright illustrations, the book is supposedly aimed at readers between the ages 4 and 8.  At least that’s what the Amazon Page says.  Now how many parents want to talk to their 6 year old daughter about going on a diet?  How many of them want to reinforce that as a option?

Maggie’s journey in the book (again according to the Amazong blurb) takes her from an overweight girl who is transformed by a diet and exercised into a ‘normal sized girl who becomes the school soccer star’.

Wow, do I struggle with this one…. here are my thoughts: