Make a Wish Makes Holiday Dreams Come True

It's all about the happiness

Did everyone see the Christmas Glee?  When the simple Brittany asks a Mall Santa to make her boyfriend Artie walk for Christmas?  And then the lady football coach dresses up as Santa to tell her it can’t happen?  And then for Christmas Artie gets these electronic legs designed and built by Israeli scientists? And bif bam boom Artie can walk with them? That’s a great TV Christmas story.

In real life, that probably wouldn’t happen, at least not so fast. But if you’re looking for a miracle story  the Make-a-Wish Foundation, that year round not-so-secret Santa, gives us  plenty each year with their gifts of special experiences for kids fighting childhood cancer. This holiday season is no different.There’s 16-year-old Jacob Garrett who had a tumor that started in his sinuses. For months he couldn’t eat because the radiation made it too hard to swallow  Now hi scans are clean, he has a few treatments left, and he wanted to go to “paradise” with his family.  So they’re off to Hawaii.

Six-year-old Sara Martorano and her sisters Mary, 7, and Anna, 3 had the chance to tour a candy factory called Mrs. Prindable’s where caramel apples are the star.  Two years ago Sara was diagnosed with with Stage IV nephroblastoma/Wilms’ tumor, a kidney cancer diagnosed in just 500 children in the US each year.  She lost her left kidney, but she’s doing well now. Last year Sara and her family went to Disney world because of Make-a-Wish.  The trip to the candy factory was a “pick me up” activity.  Honestly, I didn’t know Make-a-Wish gave follow ups — pretty great.

These stories usually crop up this time of year, and I always like them.   They’re like a good hard kick in my you know where when I may be feeling a little stressed out by all the “things” I have to “do”.  Sometimes I have to do a lot, sure, but it’s all really OK.  There’s still and always an awful lot in life to celebrate.

What are you really celebrating this holiday season?

photo credit: arsel