Make-Up vs. No Make-Up: Calling All Brave Moms to Send Us Your Mugs

Before and after, but beautiful either way!

Do you ever feel as if you look like the Wicked Witch of the East when you wake up barefaced in the morning, with zero shot at resembling Glinda the Good Witch until you slap on some makeup?

Besides the Herculean obstacles that so many moms face in the morning in an effort to get everyone awake, not to mention their teeth and hair brushed, fed, clothed and off to school with homework and lunch in tact, many of us can probably admit we like to put our best face forward before we go off and face the world each day. And that best face sometimes requires a little assistance from the cosmetic counter.

Well, we want to witness your beauty before and after (because we have no doubt you’re stunning either way). Beauty isn’t only skin deep, and sometimes it’s kind of nice to actually see other women before they beautify themselves on the outside. Because sometimes the most unglamorous shots are the most beautiful ones of all.

If you’re game and feeling brave, send us your photos and we might feature them in an upcoming Babble post.

E-mail photos of yourself with make-up and without make-up to and check back soon to see a post of all our favorite Babble readers in all their glory (if not their glamor).