Making Time for Living: Ikea Ad Hits Home


ikeaYou know what I find surprising? When an ad gets past my my cynical, jaded, “I’ve been marketed to my whole life” guard. I find myself being completely impressed — and a bit shocked — when an ad’s pitch isn’t just selling their product, but also gives a strong life lesson in the process. This is a feat that Ikea accomplished with their new ad for the Australian market, entitled “Make Time for Living – Teddy’s Speech.”

During the two minute spot, a boy named “Teddy” walks seamlessly through a variety of living rooms, talking about how busy his family is, from his dad working “crazy hours,”  his own busy schedule of “karate, soccer and tuba lesson,” that they haven’t had a proper sit-down meal in three weeks, and that every minute of every day is becoming more and more full. “Teddy” complains that they don’t get to see each other as much they could and should.

Yup, this Ikea ad speaks the truth, especially to all of us busy families. But Teddy and his myriad of living rooms has a suggestion: make time for living. The living room, to tie it into the whole “we’re here to sell furniture thing,” is for living, not a room designed to answer emails.

As Amy Graff of the SFGate says, “Thank you Ikea for telling parents something they need to hear!”

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Photo Source: Ikea