Malaysian Government: Light-Colored Clothing or a Big Bag Could Mean Your Son Is Gay

Does This Outfit Make a Boy Gay?

The Malaysian government has a questionable new agenda: attempting to curb homosexuality amongs their citizens, especially when it comes to children. In their bizarre quest to fight the “problem” of homosexuality, the country has reportedly begun to hold seminars to assist parents and teachers in identifying who could be on the road to gay-dom. And their warning signs?

According to reports, a handout at the seminar (organized by the Teachers Foundation of Malaysia) warned that a boy could be gay if he displays “preferences for tight, light-colored clothes and large handbags.” Really? I would have thought that the signs would have been a fondness for kitten heels and Barbara Streisand. But I jest; it can’t be good for a culture to be under the belief that a boy is gay because he wears a certain color of clothing, especially since Malaysia takes homosexuality so seriously. They believe that gay sex is “against the order of nature,” and “under civil law, ‘offenders,’ both male and female, can be jailed for up to 20 years, caned or fined.”

Do you think people in Malaysia will really think that what color clothing a boy wears makes him gay?

Photo Source: iStockPhoto