Male Nail Polish: Nay or Hooray?

Evolution Man
You can say these are made for men, but they look suspiciously like polish seen on plenty of women

J. Crew’s Jenna Lyons caused a big stink earlier this year when she was featured in an ad painting her son’s toes pink (and then again recently when it turns out she might have left her husband for a woman). Would it have been any better for any reason if she’d used nail polish on her son that was made just for men instead?

That seems to be what a brand called Evolution Man is banking on. It’s a new nail polish that’s marketed towards men, available in “masculine” colors like Pavement, Alter Ego and Stand Out, according to The Huffington Post.

No matter that all of the colors look suspiciously like polish seen in many a salon for women, and on many of the toes and fingers attached to women. Because these polishes are really like “new car finishes,” according to the manufacturer of the polish. And cars are men-things, right?

Of course Jenna Lyons’ son isn’t the first guy to don nail polish. Über-heteros Johnny Depp, David Beckham and Prince Harry have all been spotted with painted nails.

But are mainstream men really going to go out en masse and paint their nails now just because they have a line of polishes that’s made just for them? Is this any different than deodorant marketed towards men that would work just as effectively on women but is packaged in gunmetal gray? Is it going to start a revolution in male beauty products? Will it turn men gay if they wear it, as some right-wingers suspected will be the case with Jenna Lyons’ son (I’m talking to you, Keith Ablow)? Or is this just a silly little novelty item that will leave the market as quickly as it entered?

Would you buy this polish for the man in your life? Or are his nails just fine they way they are — unpolished and half-eaten, thankyouverymuch?

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