Mama, Dada . . . B****? Would You Buy Your Kid a Doll That Curses?

You & Me Interactive Play and Giggle Triplet Dolls
They don't look like they need their mouths washed out with soap. But they do.

Way to go, Toys “R” Us. Nicely done. You’ve got the toy this Christmas season that have all the parents talking. Unfortunately they’re all talking about how they’ll never buy it. But still. Nicely done.

I mean, can you blame parents for not buying a doll that says “OK crazy b****?”

The “You & Me Interactive Play and Giggle Triplet Dolls” talks baby talk. Except for the “crazy b****” part. That’s not so much baby talk as it is, “Oops, now I’m going to get my mouth washed out with soap and then get sent to military school” talk.

I can maybe understand a kid thinking that about his or her parents on occasion. But saying it is a whole other thing. Sheesh.

A Toys “R” Us spokesperson said the doll, which they manufacture, only says “baby babble,” but not any real words. That’s why they have no plans to take it off the shelves, according to Fox News.

People who own the doll and have seen (and heard) it in Toys “R” Us stores beg to differ.

Should make for a good collector’s item, but not so much a good stocking stuffer for an impressionable toddler. Unless your 3-year-old has a really good sense of humor.

Would you ever buy this doll for your kid?

Image: Toys “R” Us


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