Man-gagement Rings on the Rise as Women Take Matters Into Their Own Hands

Are you a traditionalist or would you encourage your daughter to propose to her boyfriend if she was ready?

Tradition has men getting down on bended knee to ask for a woman’s hand in marriage. But apparently, times, they are a changin’.

As Shine from Yahoo reports, the tables have turned and more women are asking men to get married. Not only that, but dudes are wanting women to put a ring on it too. An engagement ring, to be precise.

Yup. Guys want to wear a ring before the wedding. Traditionally, only women wear engagement rings, but apparently something dubbed a “man-gagement” ring is on the rise. An engagement ring for men.

You can see more about this and other out-of-the-box wedding trends that are on the rise in the video below. So what do you think? Are you all about women proposing or are you a traditionalist? And what do you think about the so-called “man-gagement” ring?

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