Man Saves Stuck Baby Ducks


ducks_in_a_row_Early this summer, I took my daughters — 6 and 4 — on a bike ride in our urban neighborhood.  For the first time everyone was on their own two (or four) wheels — no one in a bike seat, trailer, or on a tandem.

Five minutes into the bike ride, I suddenly understood what a mother duck goes through all. day. long.  It was a constant struggle to make sure everyone stayed together, no one crossed a street before I got there, and no one was left lagging behind.  And this was with just two kids!

So I feel a little emapthy whenever I see a mama duck.  Keeping all those roving youngsters together is a tough job when you’re on your own.  One mama duck whose babies got stuck in a swimming pool got a helping hand from an unlikely source — a human and a patio chair.  Watch:

via Jezebel