Man Sells Parents For a Song on Craigslist


amatrudo-craigslistWatch out parents – the next time your kid announces “you’re the meanest daddy, EVER” (yes, that really happened in my house), they might power up the Internet and try to sell you.

That’s what a Connecticut man is doing via Craigslist – trying to sell his parents for $155 OBO (that’s “or better offer” for those of you who need to brush up on your lingo).

Or at least he was. Michael Amatrudo told NBC it was just a joke – he was bored over the weekend and put up his “most prized possession.” And even after a comment like that, his wife is still behind him.

The listing, put up under the heading “for sale/wanted” in the “general” division (we’re thinking it was mislabeled – perhaps antiques would have been more appropriate?) has brought in offers from people saying they could use a good set of parents. After all, Amatrudo said he’d gotten “lots of use out of these guys” in the past fifty years – but now it’s time to move on.

He would have taken the cash, a hot blonde or an Erector set  . . . perhaps a sign of feeling deprived one Christmas morn?

It’s totally goofy and no harm done. But would we say the same thing if it were a fifteen-year-old rather than a fifty-year-old who put up the ad?

Image: Craigslist