Man vs. Toddler


Barats & Beretta score again with this hilarious “competition” between a guy and a little girl. In Man vs Toddler, they pit the life skills of a grown man against those of a toddler. Turns out adult men can run, dive and carry a cup of grape juice better than two-year-olds. But who will be better at “being a toddler? Watch the video to find out.

Final score: man wins rainbow medal and stern looks from the woman I assume answers to “Mom” when that little girl calls.

Toddler wins our respect. Seriously, this kid is so cute and unflappable. She’ll do fine in life, even with a goofy guy constantly outperforming her at the grape juice relay.

So you men might be smarter than your toddlers. Or at least more capable of not spilling your juice. But what about the family dog? Cole Gamble has solved that one for you in “Who’s Smarter: Kids or Dogs?