Manhattan Mom Fights for Life After Halloween Prank

Marion Salmon Hedges
Marion Salmon Hedges was nearly killed by a falling shopping cart. She's now fighting for her life.

A Manhattan mother is now in intensive care after being hit with a falling shopping cart during a trip to the mall to buy Halloween candy.

Two boys threw the Target shopping cart over the railing of a walkway at East River Plaza Mall, where it fell four stories, landing on Marion Salmon Hedges as her 13-year-old son watched. Witnesses say she collapsed as soon as the cart hit her head, and that her son lay on top of her crying. The New York Daily News reports Hedges is now at Harlem Hospital in critical condition, and her husband says that if she recovers she’ll be in rehab “for months.”

The boys who threw the cart, aged 12, were arrested after being turned in by a friend who was with them at the time of the tragic prank and tried to stop them. They have been charged with juvenile assault.

Ironically, Marion Salmon Hedges was shopping to support kids who come from the very same neighborhoods as the boys who nearly killed her. Hedges’ husband told the New York Post his wife was buying the candy for needy children: “Every year on Halloween, 1,000 kids come to our block from less-privileged neighborhoods and we spend $500 to $600 on candy for them and that’s what she was doing — buying candy for those kids to do something nice for the community.”

Photo credit: via ABC News/Jimi Celeste

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