Marcel the Shell With Shoes On Chats With Brian Williams

Just who is Marcel the Shell With Shoes On?

In the hilarious and adorable interview below, Brian Williams sits down with Marcel the Shell and his parents (comedienne Jenny Slate and her fiancee Dean Fleischer-Camp) to find out just who is Marcel the Shell and what’s up with his over 14 million views on YouTube? 

When Saturday Night Live cast member Jenny Slate accidentally dropped the F-bomb during a live sketch she wrote one fateful Saturday night, she found herself unsure of where her career would lead to next. In the midst of that rocky time, a star (or should I say shell?) was born, as her next character Marcel the Shell With Shoes On would be her biggest hit yet.


Done low-budget style with her apartment as the soundstage, Jenny lends her voice and comical imagination to create the beloved Marcel. There’s even a book, Marcel the Shell With Shoes On: Things About Me and talks of a television show — my kids are totally hoping that comes about and are actually getting the book for Christmas!

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