March Madness: Nebraska Fifth-Grader Bracket Busted for NCAA Pool

March Madness
He didn't help himself with this handwriting, either

Most parents dread a call from their child’s school principal. After all, when is it ever for something good?

The mom of fifth grader Max Kohll got just such a call earlier this week. Although under the circumstances, it could have been worse.

Young Max got busted for organizing an NCAA bracket pool in his class, according to Yahoo Sports (via the Omaha World Herald). The entry fee was $5, which Max had to borrow from his mom.

So here’s the funny part: Max’s mom gets the phone call. But she actually already knew about the tournament pool. How? She helped him organize it.


In fact, she made sure that he was the one holding onto the pool’s money. She’s no dummy. Neither is he.

I mean, yeah, you could argue they’re both kind of dummies since gambling in amateur pools is illegal. Not to mention maybe a wee bit more immoral given Max’s age.

But there are definitely worse calls to get from your kid’s principal, don’t you think?

On a scale of 1-10 (with 10 being worthy of a grounding), how bad would it be if your elementary school-age kid organized an NCAA bracket competition?

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