Marketing Outside the Box: Corps Making the Most of Tumblr


If we’ve learned nothing else from riding the ups and downs of this social media wave, it’s that you have to stay nimble with the technology that you use and the methods of promoting your brand, product or service.  I love seeing brick and mortar companies that aren’t necessarily expected to be digitally savvy stay one step ahead of the game.  The latest trend that I’m seeing is companies using Tumblr to connect with audiences and to showcase a sleek side of their brands. Just last week, it was all over my Facebook News Feed that Ebony magazine (remember that old thing that your grandma used to read?) launched a tumblr site and that it was…fabulous. Really? I had to check it out. And so…it IS!


The Ebony tumblr site is a compilation of their vintage magazine covers and whimsical ads that tell a stylish and powerful story about the publication’s history. This, combined with the phenomenal rebranding that the hardcopy mag is undergoing, is a brilliant strategy in Ebony’s effort to breathe new life into its image and attract a new readership.

Then, today, I learned of Target’s recent launch of it’s tumblr site – On The Dot – a mashup of trend reports conveyed in styled infographics to fashion editor picks curated by Nina Garcia, the Fashion Editor at Marie Claire.

Branching out in this way is such a smart idea.  For those that see Target as a discount one-stop shop from everything from socks to lettuce, crafting a design haven for style fanatics online via tumblr is a strategic move towards cultivating a fashion-forward brand image.

Seeing these two companies take advantage of what tumblr has to offer is making me think of my own short-lived use of the platform. Perhaps its time for me to re-evaluate how I can use my sorely neglected tumblr site to communicate my brand message (but that would mean I’d have to actually figure out how to use it properly first).

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