Math Quiz Wakes Teen From Coma


vicki-alex-mathA British teen was lying in a medically-induced coma, and doctors didn’t know if she could be roused. So her dad decided to give her a math quiz.

Not our idea of a welcome back, but hey, it worked.

The Daily Mail reports Vicki Alex’s dad had exhausted a list of popular teen topics – from Coldplay to her friends – with no response. It was three days into the coma, and Nick Alex and wife Tracey were getting desperate. So Nick fell back on math – her favorite subject, and the one that had kept her amused on car rides as a tot.

He asked her what one plus one was. She grunted back.

By the next day, she’d ripped the breathing tube from her mouth and was ready to be discharged. Diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia, a cancer of the bone marrow, she’s still got a long road ahead of her, but doctors were able to send her home for now.

Do your kids find math that kind of fun?

Image: daily mail

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