Maury Povich on Wheels? Mobile Paternity Trucks are Rolling into a Neighborhood Near You

Who's Your Daddy
First there was street meet, now there's street DNA

If a truck called “Who’s Your Daddy” drives into your New York City neighborhood and offers to determine the paternity of your child, rest assured it’s not a prank.

For those who find it too inconvenient or embarrassing to go to a doctor’s office or lab (or on the “Maury” show), there’s another option, according to Yahoo News.

If you won’t go to the DNA test, the DNA test will come to you.

The “Who’s Your Daddy” truck patrols the five boroughs of New York City looking for potential customers — business owner Jared Rosenthal tells Yahoo that dads with “their child in tow” are the most common ones they see.

The swab test is painless and costs $350, with results coming back in a few days.

No word on if there’s a different truck capable of consoling you if you’re not happy with the results.

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