May the Force Be With Her: Star Wars Fans Unite to Save Baby Leah

Baby Leah with her Daddy

The force is definitely with baby Leah, and when we say “force” we don’t mean that Yoda endorsed spiritual “force” of George Lucas’ fiction but rather a real life force in the from of the generous spirit of Star Wars fans across the globe.

Leah Esquenazi’s parents – Zev and Francesca- are really big Star Wars fans and named their daughter after the character made famous by Carrie Fisher. Four-month-old Leah has what is called a “mystery illness” and has had to undergo a myriad of procedures, tests and operations (including five spinal taps, biopsies and drug treatments). Leah’s parents started a blog addressing their situation and their overwhelming struggle for money to pay all the costly hospital bills. Star Wars fanatics got wind of their plight and began making donations. They’ve already raised about $15,000 and the number continues to grow. Actors in the film like Peter Mayhew who played Chewbacca – have even made an outreach to the family and made a donation. Others have donated valuable Star Wars memorabilia such as vintage dolls, film costumes and props. Those items will be sold to raise even more funds.

It’s a lovely tribute from all these strangers coming together to help save this little girl. It just shows that the power of Star Wars in alive and well off screen and on.

If you’d like to see what is happening with the family and baby Leah, read more about their situation and make a donation, you can check out their site right here.

Photo: The Princess Leah Diaries

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