McDonalds Outsmarts San Francisco Happy Meal Ban (VIDEO)


Whether you take your kids to McDonald’s or not, you have to admit their marketing team really put their thinking caps on for this one.

As you have probably heard, the city of San Francisco decided to institute a ban on Happy Meals (meals that include toys) because they aren’t up to nutritional standards — and that ban is set to take effect tomorrow, December 1st. This ban is intended to draw attention to childhood obesity and help parents make healthier choices for their children because the lure of the toy would no longer be available.

Now, assuming you even think this is the case… that parents and kids will make different choices without a toy calling their name,  (I don’t)… you still have to admit, it seems McDonald’s has found a way to way to outsmart the city’s lawmakers.  Sure the toy won’t come with the Happy Meal, but you can still get one.  Cheap.  Oh?  And now, when you do, you’re helping charity.

Here’s the story.  Watch and share your thoughts.