McDonalds Star Trek Happy Meal - Vintage Video


McDonalds Star Trek Meal BoxThe McDonald’s Happy Meal was introduced in 1979, which means that the thing turns 30 this year. (See? I can do math.)

We seem to be on a nostalgia kick at the moment, so its not a surprise that my brain immediately warped back in time to…

The Star Trek Happy Meal.

A quick search reveals not one, but TWO television commercials for the McDonald’s Star Trek Meal. It appears that they were not technically called Happy Meals, but I don’t really care. That’s what I remember, and there are even web sites that call it the Star Trek Happy Meal. So there! (Clearly my maturity level has also warped back in time.)

Here are the two ads I found on YouTube. Both of which, now that I’ve seen them, I recall vividly.

First up is Star Trek – Klingon Happy Meal from 1979. (Technically it wasn’t called a Klingon Happy Meal. But those Klingons have to make everything their own. Even Shakespeare.) This ad features an actor speaking in what they say is the Klingon language. I can’t verify that, however; I’m nerdy, but not that nerdy.

And this is a McDonald’s Star Trek Meal commercial, circa 1980:

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