Mean Grinches Steal Gifts for Kids


oll-groundbreaking3The Grinch is alive and well and living in suburban New Orleans, it seems. One or more people threw a cement block through the window of Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church in Violet, broke in, and stole 60 Christmas presents the parishioners collected for needy children.

Not only that, but they ripped off the wrapping and left it piled around the altar. From the story linked, it doesn’t appear that anything else was taken although the thieves attempted to break in to several lockers.

Church members collected names of needy children throughout the area and did an “angel tree” — each child’s name was written on the back of a paper angel. Parishioners took an angel, purchased the gifts indicated and delivered them to the church. They were supposed to be delivered to the children, who were between seven months and 13 years old, Monday night.

Church members, who’d only recently seen their church rebuilt after being destroyed during Hurricane Katrina, were in tears as they arrived for Mass last Sunday and saw what had happened.

Nobody’s caught the meanies yet, but there’s a happy ending. Many local charities, including Catholic Charities, the Knights of Columbus and the Salvation Army have stepped in to help purchase replacement gifts, as has the local Chamber of Commerce.