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"Meep" Banned at High School

By sandymaple |

beaker-sm250If you have ever watched “The Muppet Show,” you have probably heard the word “meep.”  It’s what Beaker, Dr. Bunson Honeydew’s hapless assistant utters as he’s shrunk, burned and otherwise maimed by his bumbling boss.  Outside of that context, it’s just a nonsensical, made-up word that can mean anything you want it to mean.  According to the Urban Dictionary, “meep”is sometimes used in place of a swear word, but is also often used as an exclamation (ouch!), as a greeting, or just as a random fill-in word expressing happiness. As versatile as “meep” is, there is one place where you cannot use it:  at Danvers High School in Danvers, MA.

After getting wind of a possible plan among students to disrupt school with a mass “meeping,” Principal Thomas Murray banned the word from school grounds. He sent automated phone messages and emails to every student’s home to inform them that anyone caught uttering the word “meep” or spelling it out on their clothing would face suspension.  The messages went on to inform parents and students that the police had been contacted and were monitoring the situation as well.  The meep police!

Principal Murray hasn’t responded to media inquiries but Assistant Principal Mark Strout did respond to an entertainment lawyer who heard about the “meep” ban.  In solidarity with the students of Danvers High, Theodora Michaels sent Principal Murray a one-word email reading “meep.”  Strout’s response:  “Your E-mail has been forwarded to the Danvers Police Department.”

The Danvers Police department has not responded to media inquiries either.  I suspect they’ve got better things to do than enforce a meeping word ban and investigate meeping emails.

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9 thoughts on “"Meep" Banned at High School

  1. Allie says:

    While banning the word meep is pretty stupid, the students were still planning a major disruption which the principal had the right to stop. It seems as though they fixated on the wrong detail; if meep is banned, what would stop the kids from staging the disruption by saying peem instead? A rule stating that staged disruptions would not be tolerated would have gone a lot further, and probably would have not blipped on the media circus radar.

  2. Mistress_Scorpio says:

    Holy crap. What kind of disruption could be planned? Really, someone give me an idea of the Utter Turmoil that would rain down bc of this prank? These administrators overreact to any percived challenge to their little fiefdom.

  3. Mom of one says:

    OMG! Meep. Quick, I said(typed it)- call the Meep Police, or tell me where they are so I can turn myself in!! LMAO

    I am shocked at this principal’s alleged claim to have involved and wasted police resources for this idiocy. This is not a crime- it is a control issue. I have to agree that the world would not end, and chaos would not ensue if these students had been able to pull off this ‘major disruption’. Sounds like this man had a prank played on him more than a major event being planned by his students. What a fool.

    While schools have the right to make rules, this one would have irritated me enough I would have organized a legally permitted protest with signs saying ‘MEEP’ in front of this school. I would have done this as a student, and I would still do this as an adult. I remember protesting the Vietnam war while in highschool.

  4. PlumbLucky says:

    We would have been screwed as MEAP sure sounds a lot like meep. Heck, would it have gotten us out of weeks of redingediculous standardized testing? Then I’d have been all for it (note: sarcasm, folks, sarcasm)!

  5. Unschooling Mum says:

    Seriously, people! Can ‘we’ get a life? So glad my child is not & won’t ever be forced into subjection of this waste of tax-payers money. AND if he ever did choose to go to school, I HOPE he would be sent home for ‘meeping’ or ‘meep-mailing’ his principle. Why? Because then I’d have fantastic fodder to call them up with and explain why the system is just hilarious & NOT worth our time and surely isn’t ‘teaching’ what it thinks it’s ‘teaching’! Meep, Meep, one and all. Meep, Meep make ‘em fall!

    Can we ban stupidity, control-freak adults and school?

  6. Joe says:

    This principal is obviously a nut-job with control issues.

  7. Gary Hiigel says:

    Just what the MEEP is this world meeping coming too? Why when I was a meeping kid, we’d use meeping words as though they were every meeping day LANGUAGE, AND NEVER GOT MEEPING IN TROUBLE FOR IT!

  8. Gary Hiigel says:

    MEEPMEEPMEEPMEEP!!! Sounds like a broken meeping roadrunner!!

  9. Sadie says:

    this is the stupidest thing i’ve ever heard. doesn’t a school have anything better to do than to ban a stupid word? these people in charge of teaching kids are entirely under-qualified and extremely over-paid.

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