Meet McKenna: The New American Girl - 2012 Girl of the Year


American Girl has a new member of the family. On January 1st, the beloved doll company released McKenna — their Girl of the Year.

The Girl of the Year series in one that doesn’t celebrate the usual historical characters that American Girl is known for, but rather pays homage to the girls of today, their lives and their challenges.  So who is McKenna and what is her back story?

McKenna is a gifted gymnast and in the past had also been a talented student until she hit fourth grade and she started to struggle academically. Her parents — to her dismay — hire a tutor for her, a girl named Josie who is confined to a wheelchair.

McKenna is humbled and finds new a perspective, while also getting into issues with her friends. She is all about meeting a challenge and working hard to overcome it. McKenna, she is strong and makes it through, just like all American Girls.

McKenna — the doll — comes adorned with active wear, perfect for her physical pursuits and has waist length dirty blond hair that girls will surely style in ponytails or braids. The doll comes with the first McKenna book, but– of course — there is much to buy in the McKenna collection. Highlights include gym clothing, a backpack, a gymnast bar and beam set, crutches and cast, and a loft bed.

My own daughter loved McKenna. One reason, she looks just like her — same blue eyes, same caramel hued hair. But the thing she really loved about McKenna? That she is an active girl, a character who has a pursuit that every little girl seems to enjoy. What I like? That a strong character is being celebrated, bringing confidence to the matter of facing challenges and being able to conquer them.

You can find out more about McKenna right here:

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