Meet the New Dora: Lovely Little Girl to Portray World's Most Grating Voice

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Meet the new Dora, Fatima Ptacek.

There’s a new Dora the Explorer in town, and her name is Fatima Ptacek. Ptacek is an 11-year-old child model who is fluent in both English and Spanish. A native of Queens, NY, it’s clear that Ptacek is quite savvy. The career-driven tween told reporters that “she has no intention of finding a boyfriend until she’s at least 20,” and is excited to be voicing such an iconic character. She says, “I can just imagine little kids sitting in front of their televisions and smiling the way I used to smile when I was a little kid and watched Dora.” Muy madures.

Caitlin Sanchez, who previously voiced Dora (including episodes aired in 2011), was terminated by Nickelodeon in 2010 after she hit puberty and her voice changed. Sanchez had plans to sue the company, after she was “pressured to sign an “unconscionable” 14-page contract that the family had just 22 minutes to review without a lawyer’s help.” She argued that Nickelodeon cheated her out of “millions, perhaps tens of millions” of dollars, “unjustly enriching themselves.” The suit was eventually dropped. It’s unclear if Nickelodeon offered the actress a financial settlement.

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