Meet the New Girl Scout Cookie


berry-munch-girl-scout-new-cookie-slashfoodLook out, Thin Mint! There’s a new Girl Scout cookie on the block and she’s trying to cut into your sales so she can be this year’s top seller.

But can she do it? Just how good is this new creation, which, while still loaded with processed chemical goodness, also includes white-fudge chips and real, actual cranberries.

According to Sarah Christine over at Slashfood, Thank U Berry Munch are good. Not Samosas good, not Thin Mint good. Maybe not even Tagalongs good. But they’re a nice addition to the cookie menu, she says, and well thought out, what with fudge chunks on the inside, rather than coated on the outside.

I’m not a fan of white chocolate, but I like a surprise cranberry. Plus, a cookie’s a cookie. Bring’em on.

Let’s hit the streets, girls, and close some deals! Oh, wait, Girl Scouts kind of undermined that strategy, huh?

What are you ordering this year?

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