Meet Yotaro, The Japanese Baby-bot (Video)


captphoto_1268209960478-1-0Japan, leader in all things robotic, has come up with Yotaro, a silicon cherub that smiles, coos, wails, sneezes and giggles.  Just like a regular baby.

Sensors on the body create different reactions to a human’s touch–arms and legs may move or baby could break out into a grin if handled just so.  Just like a human baby, the more Yotaro is touched, the happier he gets.

With 40% of the population projected to be 65 or older by 2050, researchers are hoping that young people will bond with baby Yotaro, whetting their appetites to make a baby of their own.

Hope it works out for them, because to me, Yotaro screams, “Birth control!”  One look at this cross between Chucky and that creepy little Small Wonder girl kills any notion of family expansion that may run through my head.

Image:  AFP

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