Meet Your Kids' Favorite Authors: Online


penguinstorytimeMaking the rounds to book signings with your kids just isn’t practical, but if they’ve got a hankering to find out more about the face behind their favorite books, there’s a new way to make it happen.

One of the largest publishers of children’s books, Penguin, launched a Website this week that will put kids’ authors like Jon Scieszka and Judy Schachner in front of the cameras for some background action.

Following each author interview with storytime readings of Penguin books by Liza Shanks (wife of Penguin CEO David Shanks), the site helps round out the experience for kids who have a hankering to know more about the name on the title page.

And the free story hour that’s not packed with sniffling kids like the one up the street at the local library? Totally bonus.

Check out Penguin Storytime and check out a giveaway of one of Penguin’s young adult offerings over at Droolicious.

Image: Penguin

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