Mega Millions: How Winning Numbers Would Change Our Lives

I've never played. Not even once. But I might.

I’m not really into lotteries. I’ve never even played one. In fact, the only direct impact they have on me is an annoying one—namely, they often delay me while waiting in a convenient store line. Thanks to the lottery addicts who are busy scratching off their latest loser. Don’t get me wrong. Annoying players notwithstanding, I’m just fine with lotteries. They obviously raise a lot of revenue and they are a self-selected tax. So I’m all for them. They’re just not right for me.

But thanks to Mega Millions, I’m starting to reconsider that.

I read in the USA Today where it’s gotten up to $237 million. Holy cow, people. That’s a lump sum cash value of nearly $151 million. So maybe I should play.

After all, we are expecting our fifth child in July. And our little bundle of joy will certainly cost us a pretty penny, indeed. As will the help we had just cut back on. And while these expenses are costly, they’re nothing that a quick hundy million couldn’t cover. And just think what it would mean for the triplets. We could get these little monsters anything they wanted.

But, now that I think about it, that might not be such a good idea. They’re already fighting tooth and nail over what toys they already have. I thought Kirby was gonna go all Kung-Fu on Sammy for picking up her Dora book the other day. And you better not think about touching even one of Jack’s matchbox cars. Unless you want an earful. Or want to see a bizarre looking tantrum.

In fact, the fighting over material possessions has reached an all-time high at our house, thanks to Christmas and two well-intending but over indulgent Santas. Just last night, I was lamenting the fact that we had gotten them too much. Who would have thought that adding more toys to the mix would lower their overall contentment level, but I promise that’s what has happened. At least judging from all the fighting. And ugliness.

Speaking of ugliness, I’ve witnessed some of the ugliest things ever when it comes to fighting over money. One family I know intimately is currently in the middle of a lawsuit that’s costing them, quite literally, hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees. Because the son of an extremely wealthy decedent has sued his two siblings as well all of the trustees of their various trusts. The details aren’t important, but this part is: The fallout has not so sad to witness. The two siblings have not even spoken with their brother in over two years.

I know that not everyone fights over money. In fact, I truly don’t think our kids would. I know my wife and I wouldn’t fight over money. It just doesn’t mean that much to either one of us.

Wait a minute, if that’s the case, why am I contemplating playing Mega Millions?

What about you? Would you play? How would all that money change your family dynamic?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago
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