Melissa Etheridge, UN Women, and More


Melissa Etheridge’s ex Tammy Lynn Michaels says she was blindsided by Etheridge’s decision to suddenly end their relationship on Friday.  On her blog she wrote:  “i am wondering if it’s an art gentle waves no noise for awhile or maybe gentle voices and SMACK!!!!!!!!!!!! FILE FOR DIVORCE!!!!!!” – US Weekly

Last week, the UN approved the creation of UN Women — a consolidation of four separate groups that will now have a high level leader and a $500 million budget to address issues women face around the world. — Jezebel

Here’s a fun way to boost your kids’ learning over the summer — make your next vacation an educational one.  From an afternoon at your local children’s museum to a road trip to Washington, D.C., there are plenty of ideas for preventing summer brain drain. — Momlogic

How can this be legal?  A Massachusetts school for kids with special needs keeps students hooked up to electrodes that painfully shock them when they display inappropriate behavior.  The UN is calling on the Obama administration to investigate, calling the practice torture. — Parentdish

Here are some tips for your next summer party:  RSVP within 48 hours, bring a small gift or homemade dessert, and pack your own essentials for your kids — towels, sunscreen, and toys, for instance.  Get more summer party etiquette tips at Parents Ask.

Photo: gregor_y, Flickr

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