Men, Women, and Money


1134419_80083412Today on Babble:

Men, Women, and Money: If Mom Earns More Than Dad, Who Changes the Diapers?

Writes Nell Casey:

Last year, I made more money than my husband did. The difference wasn’t enormous — only 20% — but it was meaningful….When I cut my work days short for school pick up, or when I loped down the aisles of Target trying to find a pair of elusive “water shoes” or when I simply called the pediatrician, I would sometimes find myself thinking, Have I not bought my way out of this? How can I make a full-time salary and attend to its full-time pressures if so much of my day is stolen away by the responsibilities of parenting?

In today’s world of two-income families, the idea of Dad as breadwinner and Mom as homemaker is becoming increasingly more rare. But as the balance of incomes shift, traditional roles are slower to change. For whatever reason, breadwinning moms still find themselves in the role as primary caregiver.

Read the entire essay here, then come back and share your thoughts with us. Should salary dictate who’s in charge of the kids? Does the one with the highest income/most stressful job get a “pass” on family duties? And what is the secret of a truly balanced marriage?