Snow York City! Metro North Train Schedule, MTA Info and How to Keep Your Kids Entertained

mta info, metro north train schedule
The view in Central Park this morning, 1/27/11.

Greetings from Snow York City!  Last night the city got covered in 19 unbelievable inches of snow.  NYC public schools are closed today, and city workers are doing everything they can to clear the streets.  The Metro North train schedule has been drastically altered: Harlem and Hudson Lines are operating on a Saturday schedule, the New Haven Line is operating on a Sunday schedule and the New Canaan, Danbury and Waterbury Branches, remain suspended until further notice.  MTA Bus service has been suspended in the Bronx but is being restored in the other boroughs.  The good news is, NYC subway service is running, so there’s no reason you and your kids can’t get out and have some fun today!

Central Park is the central feature of New York City and a paradise to cherish all year long.  Grab a sled and take the kids to Pilgrim Hill, just north of the 72nd St. entrance at Fifth Ave.  According to, “Pilgrim Hill offers a steep slope that levels out to a gentle finish, giving the sledder’s dream ride maximum velocity, minimum bruises.”  If it’s too busy there, try Cedar Hill between 76th and 79th st. just south of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Time Out New York Kids has a great list of sledding hills in all five boroughs.  If you’d rather be indoors and your kids are a bit older, try the Houdini: Art and Magic exhibit at The Jewish Museum.  Kids age 8 and up “can view Houdini’s diaries, straightjacket, handcuffs, shackles and metamorphosis trunk.”  Cool!

If you don’t feel like trudging through the snow with little ones, you could always entertain them the old-fashioned way: snow angels and shoveling out in front of your apartment.  My 5-year-old loves shoveling for some reason.  If your kids need a little incentive, promise them a giant hot chocolate at the end.

To keep track of changes in MTA service, visit their site for updates.

Photo via Flickr by 24Gotham.

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