Mexico Earthquake, Latest Japan Earthquake a Reminder to Prepare Not Panic

mexico earthquake, japan earthquake
Minimally, you should have a good flashlight. Ideally, an entire disaster kit.

A magnitude 6.5 earthquake struck in south central Mexico and was felt by people in the country’s largest city. People in Mexico City ran out into the street while buildings swayed and the ground shook.

The epi-center of the quake was about 370 miles southeast of the capital, in Las Choapas. Children in an elementary school there had to evacuate, due to a crack in the school wall caused by the quake.

Is it getting to be too much?

This on the heels of another quake in Japan today. The 7.4 magnitude quake triggered another tsunami warning. But little damaged was caused.

All of it once again reminding families to prepare for — and not panic about — potential natural disasters. The Japan quake and tsunami last month was a reminder for me to get an earthquake kit together for my family. And also to go over a Plan A and Plan B with my husband, on who picks up what kid from where. And where to meet up once we’re all accounted for.

Here are 10 ways to prepare for most natural disasters. It’s not just about the water!

We’ve got the plans, but that earthquake kit is still nothing but some bottled water and a flashlight with dead batteries. Back on the weekend to-do list.

What about you?

Photo: Genzo via flickr

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