Michael Jackson Appears in Baby's Ultrasound


mj_-_thriller25_-_press_shot_2-1Yesterday we learned that it’s normal for an ultrasound to look, well, a little weird.  The baby’s still cooking, after all, and as one tech once told me:  “Ultrasound is kind of like trying to tell what an elephant looks like by feeling it’s tail.”

What’s not normal, though, is looking at your baby’s ultrasound picture and seeing the King of Pop growing in your uterus.

British couple Dawn Kelley and William Hickman were looking at a 20 week scan of their seventh child when they saw something familiar.  It wasn’t Grandpa’s nose or Mom’s chin — it was Michael Jackson’s face. Take a look:


Hickman says his six other children, ages 16 to to four years can all see Jacko, too, so it’s not just him seeing things, and that no one in the family is really a big fan of the deceased singer.  Since the baby is a girl, there’s no chance she’ll be named after her likeness.

I can totally see it — can you?

Ultrasound photo: North News and Pictures via

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