Michael Jackson's Baby Daddy Revealed!


drklein-3873With new revelations that Michael Jackson was not the biological father of his children, the guessing game of who sired Jackson’s kids began.  Apparently Jackson was close with the sperm donor and had made arrangements to contribute to creating his children. The donor?

US Weekly is reporting that Michael Jackson’s dermatologist Arnold Klein is the biological father.  Jackson was very close with Dr. Klein who had been treating him for thirty years. Debbie Rowe, the woman who gave birth to two of the children, once worked for Dr. Klein.  Klein and Rowe reportedly signed paperwork saying they would never reveal the truth of the biological ties.

Mourning the loss of Michael Jackson, Klein said, “Michael is a gift from heaven. He was the most talented man I’ve ever known. He was a great father and we should pray for him.”

Do you think there is any similarities between Klein and the kids?