Michael Jackson's Father Suspects Foul Play


joejacksonJoe Jackson, father of Michael Jackson, thinks that something untoward was going on when his son died on June 25.

According to “I just couldn’t believe what was happening to Michael,” Jackson told ABC News. “I do believe it was foul play. I do believe that.”

Joe went on to say that he “didn’t know anything about the drugs.”

Which, for me, is the kicker. Michael Jackson didn’t have particularly warm feelings for his dad. Joe probably didn’t know a lot of things that were going on in his late son’s life. So why is he the one that the press is talking to? Presumably because he’s making himself available to anyone with a microphone.

I won’t have this problem when I pass on, partly because it’s highly unlikely that I’ll become an international pop music sensation, and also because my dad died when I was young. So I can’t say I can relate. But I feel comfortable saying that it takes some serious cajones to make statements like this after your son dies, when everyone knows that he really didn’t like you.


Image: Minneapolis City Pages