Michael Jackson's Mom Gets the Kids!


article-1022545-0168ce5500000578-764_468x286Michael Jackson’s mom has been granted custody of his children. At least temporarily.

Katherine Jackson has been granted temporary guardianship of Michael Joseph, Jr., Paris Michael Katherine and Prince “Blanket” Michael II. A hearing is set for a later date to determine permanent custody.

And the wishes of who Michael Jackson intended to raise his children will be revealed shortly. What is considered to be his latest will has been found. The document was in the safe of one of his lawyers John Branca (who had been out of town). The will reportedly has clear instructions of who Jackson wanted to raise his children. Many think it will have Katherine Jackson as the guardian since Michael and her were “incredibly close”. But there is doubt that a judge would give permanent custody of the kids to someone who is almost eighty years old.

Do you think Katherine is too old to care for the kids?


Who Will Take Care of Michael Jackson’s Kids?