Michelle Bachman Runs for President but Says Girls Shouldn't Ask Boys to Prom

Michelle Bachman says her girls have to wait for the boy to call.

Michelle Bachman is running for president but says people will find out in her new book that she was never asked to prom. So she didn’t go.

She explains on Sean Hannity’s radio show, “Well, in my time, girls didn’t ask boys to prom. If you didn’t get asked, you didn’t go.” And apparently even in an almost-2012 world she still abides by that for her own daughters. She responds to Hannity’s suggestion that girls do the asking these days. “And our girls are not allowed to do that in our house. They have to wait for the boy to call.” 

I got asked to prom, but it was only by boys I didn’t want to go with. So I asked the boy I did want to go with, and he said yes. And when that guy turned out to be a jerk during the days leading up to the big day, I dumped him and asked someone else. I absolutely support my daughter doing the same thing someday. I’d rather she go with the person she wants to be with rather than have a bad time or not go at all. In my day, if I had waited for the boy to call I’d probably still be waiting. They don’t have the best phone skills, you know.

Michelle Bachman is conveniently promoting her book, Core of Conviction, while on the campaign trail, and is appealing to the conservative voters with her antiquated ideals about boys and girls. Of course I’ll admit that I don’t mind when a guy takes the lead — sure, I would have loved for him to ask me first — but he didn’t, so I made it happen. I just think shaming strong girls for asking boys to the prom doesn’t make sense coming from a woman who wants to be president.

Did you go to prom? Who asked who?

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