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Michelle Obama Monkey Pic From Google Image SearchThe Michelle Obama Monkey Picture has been removed from the blog Hot Girls, and therefore will soon be gone from Google Image Search, according to The Guardian. Here’s what was happening. If you went to Google Images and searched for “Michelle Obama”, you got the result pictured at the left. (Click the image to see it full-size. It may upset you.) The image was hosted on the free blogging service Blogspot, which is owned by Google. The image first appeared on October 21, 2009, according to Google declined to intervene in the search result, instead posting an explanation/apology. The author of the blog Hot Girls then decided to remove the image, which will in theory eventually be gone from Google’s image search index, according to The Guardian. The blog’s author posted an apology in Chinese, along with a rather poor English translation.

My two cents: a lot of Internet chatter is pointing out that there were a lot of comparisons between George W. Bush’s looks and those of a monkey; in fact, there is an entire website devoted to “how much George W. Bush looks like a chimpanzee,” at least according to the person who created the site. It’s not the same thing. Black people have been compared to monkeys as a way of demeaning them as a race for many years. Comparing Michelle Obama to a monkey falls into that category.

Other (arguably more important) headlines:

President Barack Obama will probably be sending more troops to Afghanistan. (AP)

Israel will soon “announce a ten-month moratorium on settlement activity in the West Bank,” a source tells Fox News. (Fox News)

More wildfires in California. ( Here’s some video:

And Donny Osmond won Dancing With The Stars. You know what we have to say to that? Wait for it…

Taking a couple of days off for the Thanksgiving holiday. Enjoy your turkey (or tofurkey, if you don’t eat meat) and football (or the dog show, if you don’t like the NFL).