Michelle Obama Talks Breastfeeding

Establishing breastfeeding
Establishing breastfeeding after birth

In a talk on how to turn the tide on childhood obesity, Michelle Obama stressed the importance of promoting breastfeeding, especially within black communities.

Here’s what she had to say:

…because it’s important to prevent obesity early, we’re also working to promote breastfeeding, especially in the black community — (applause) — where 40 percent of our babies never get breast-fed at all, even in the first weeks of life, and we know that babies that are breast-fed are less likely to be obese as children.

It’s a short speech, and she didn’t go into a lot of detail about how she intends to promote breastfeeding, but it was great to hear her mention it at all.

A recent CDC report says 75% of women initiate breastfeeding with their newborns. That only 60% of black women do suggests a lot of work to be done. Kudos to Ms. Obama for including this in her mission to help kids eat healthier.

Photo: edenpictures