Michelle Obama's Father's Day Tribute to Her Husband

obama family, election 2012
The Obamas

Barack Obama has fans who love him for reasons that fall outside of the political sphere, and one of those is that he’s such an attentive husband and adoring father. The Obamas appear to be and very likely are the kind of nuclear family everyone would love to be a part of: happy, well-dressed and loving, the kind of people who genuinely care about and for each other’s well-being. In case you missed it yesterday (I know I certainly didn’t see it), Michelle Obama’s Father’s Day video tribute to her husband focuses on who he is as Dad to their daughters Sasha and Malia, and shows a softer side of the man we who crush on him all sort of secretly wish we could know more of.


Meanwhile, Jezebel notes that Mitt Romney’s Father’s Day was filled with the kind of cocky oneupsmanship and pranking he was known to engage in with his sons during their childhood. Romney “walked onto the [press] bus they’re being ferried around in and taped this note to the dashboard: You guys have it way too soft – nice ride. Mitt. p.s. – Erased your hard drives.” Cool – a millionaire who tells people riding A BUS how easy they have it? Ugh. The Obama campaign is not amused.

Photo via Flickr