Michigan Plans Statewide Bake Sale


bake-sale-cupcakesMichigan, start your ovens. Or open your pocketbooks – either one will do for tomorrow’s statewide bake sale, an attempt to raise money for the ailing education system.

From 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., the Freep reports parents across the state will be setting up outside grocery stories, community centers, post offices and even on the steps of the state Capitol with brownies, cookies and tasty cakes.

We were dubious about how much of an affect this could have. After all, this is the state with the dubious honor of the highest jobless rates in the country. There’s hardly enough money to buy the basics – no one has $5 for a baggie of cookies.

Until we found out the Michigan Parent Teacher Student Association isn’t looking for the cash. They’re looking for the awareness.

According to the PTSA site, budgets around the state have been slashed by a minimum of $292 per student.”This is not a partisan issue, but a moral issue. We have a moral obligation to properly educate our children,” they warn.

Point taken. And the old-fashioned bake sale is as good a way as any to send a message. They’re grassroots, holiday-appropriate and any money raised will actually go into funding programs cut on the local level.

The question: will they get a taste of victory or just be left licking their fingers?

Image: Rachel from Cupcakes Take the Cake, flickr

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