Microsoft Launches New Funny Windows Phone Ad


new windows phone adI’ve enjoyed using Windows 8 on my laptop and am crazy about the touch screen element, but I’ve been struggling to be sold on the Windows phones.

I used one a few months ago when I was between iPhones (stupid contracts), and while it did everything I wanted it to for business, I really missed some of the apps I love such as Instagram.

But on my trip to Microsoft I got to spend some time with the new Nokia Luma 920, and while I’m still not sure I’ll be able to part with my iPhone (I mean, I just got the 5 a few months ago), I’m willing to give it a try. The app problem, however, is at the heart of the issue with the Windows Phone. They have a job to do when it comes to convincing companies like Instagram to make a Windows version of the app.

In honor of this phone, Microsoft has released a new commercial that’s pretty hilarious and tries to remind people that it’s not just an iPhone and Android world. What do you think? Does it sell you?

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