Midwife Delivers Her Own Baby Using a Tiny Make-up Mirror

Can you imagine using this tiny mirror to deliver your own baby?

They say practice makes perfect and perhaps that’s the case with a midwife who was able to deliver her own baby using a tiny make-up mirror.

As The Huffington Post reports, 28 year-old Claire Clarke-Wood went into labor three weeks early and had to take matters into her own hands.  Literally.

Midwife Claire Clarke-Wood has delivered plenty of babies throughout the years, but initially thought the aches she was experiencing were just the usual third trimester back pains but quickly realized it was go time.  She gave her husband a heads up at 5 a.m. but still thought she’d have plenty of time.  

The contractions intensified, and Clarke-Wood ended up delivering her own baby in the bathroom using a small make-up mirror.  The baby girl, named Esmay, was born on December 11th.

“Me and my colleagues had joked: ‘Wouldn’t it be funny if I ended up delivering my own baby?” Clarke-Wood told the BBC during a radio interview.  But she never believed it would actually happen.