Midwives Make Plea for Soft Fake Breasts


knitted-dummy-nursing-demonstrationSome midwives in the U.K. are looking for handcrafted boobs. Ideally, they’d like soft, supple ones that are easy to see and fun to look at. Well what breasts aren’t?

But keep your shirts on. They want fake boobs (sit down, Ms. Anderson, they want single wool ones in fun, surprising colors) and lots of them.

The knitted breasts are used to teach young mothers how to breastfeed. Apparently, plastic dummies have a “sticky sensation to them,” which is less than ideal.

Why not use the real thing?

From This is Lincolnshire:

“If a mother is being shown how to breast feed on her own body, then when she looks down she can’t see if the baby is attached properly.

“If someone is sitting showing the mother with a doll and a fake boob, then they can show the action the baby is going to take and the correct way to hold the baby.

Well, then, grab some needles!

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